Saturday, May 23, 2009

Characteristics of Koi fish

Before do the Koi Fish drawing we must first know a little bit about the Characteristics of  Koi fish.As you can see there are the double barbels located on the upper lip of koi fish, without them they can be classified as Goldfish. . They are colorful, relaxing to watch, and very impressive sight to see. It is widely in doubt  as to the life span of a koi.Beside that they are omnivorous and will eat a variety of foods. They do have boney plates deep in their throats used to grind their food, but the lack of teeth make them perfect for hand feeding.Koi fish can also be a great pets of yours.

Now I'm sure you have a little bit imaginations on how Koi fish can be drawing.

Koi fish drawings: The shading of the water

Here some tips:To portray action bend the body around an imaginary pole.  The shading of the water, either swirling, or tidal creates additional action to the piece.  Throw in a few air bubbles, rocks, water lilies, or under water plant life for realism.  Keep in mind Koi fish live in fresh water, so they are not likely to be found swimming next to a dolphin. 

Koi fish drawing 1

For this lesson,we want to focus on how to draw Koi Fish Eyes.

Note that the Eyes of the Koi fish can be a focal point. If you see below Koi Fish drawing by M.C. Escher "Three Different Worlds" the eyes of the Koi Fish bring home the awe or wonderment of the drawing. The Koi Eyes can also be a reflection area to if you want to add another dimension to the drawing. 

Later I'll show you how to draw a perfect Koi Fish Eyes.

Basic drawing of koi fish

This tutorial will teach you on how to drawing a very simple koi fish.There're 9 steps all together.

Step 1

Begin by drawing a large circle, then divide that circle into four quarters. Draw two curved lines leading down from the base of your circle. (These will form your Koi's tail).

Step 2

Now you need to add the bottom of your Koi's tail. Try to copy this drawing as closely as possible. Next give your Koi a little more shape by drawing two lines, one on either side of the body, like so. These will form your Koi's cheeks.

Step 3

The next step is to draw on two roughly semi-circular shapes on either side of your Koi's head. Then draw on another semi-circle in the middle of the other two. This will form your Koi's crest. Draw on one extra line inside your Koi's head to create a triangle at the top.

Step 4

This next step is a bit tricky. You will need to draw on your Koi's arms. The best thing to do here would be to try and copy this picture as closely as possible. Once you have done that, draw two eye shapes , one on either side of the top face segments. Lastly draw your Koi's crooked smile.

Step 5

Your Koi drawing is getting very complicated, so now you need to erase all the extra lines. You should finish up with something very similar to this.

Step 6

Now add a little detail. Draw the spiky crest on the top of the head (use the semi-circle as a guide). Next give your eyes more detail by drawing in pupils, adding upper eyelids and eyebrows. Directly under the eyes draw on a small dot (this will be your Koi's nostrils). Lastly you need to finish off the mouth. Draw a curved line for the lower lip. Inside that draw two semi-circles to form a tongue.

Step 7

Your Koi should really be taking shape now. You will need to add more detail on the tail. Then use the hand shapes as a guide to draw the webbed fingers of your Koi. Try to keep within the semi-circles. Then move up to the fins on the top of the head. Use the semi-circular shapes as guides to draw the webbing.

Step 8

Erase all the extra lines and you should have a perfectly formed Koi. Don't worry if it didn't work out first time. This is a particularly tricky one to do. With practice it will become much easier.

Step 9

If you want to really finish off your drawing, try adding colour and shading. This will really help to bring your Koi to life!